Membership Benefits:

​​- Exclusive free access to member-only events
- Discounted rate to all TAJCCNC events
- Member-only lapel pins ​
- Business-Presentation forum
- Be part of TAJCCNC's affiliated organizations around the world 
- Opportunity to join all events hosted by TAJCCNC's affiliated organizations at the discounted rates

Membership Fee:

Our term starts in May, the membship is $30 (The best value)
If you join after August, the membership fee is $24
If you join after November, the membership is $16
If you join after February, the membership is $8

Opportunity to hold a position at TAJCCNC or as an event volunteer:

Our goals at TAJCCNC are to encourage entrepreneurship, cultivate business skills, and promote Taiwanese/Chinese culture among local Taiwanese Americans. We are always looking for entrepreneurs and young professionals who share the same desire to contribute to our cause. Not only it would be a great experience to volunteer in a non-profit organization and learn from other talented professionals, it would also look great on the resume! 

​If you would like to join our team to help us as an event volunteer or becoming an officer, please contact us via email:


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1580 Oakland Road, #C100, San Jose, CA 95131




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