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Have you ever been curious about what steps you need to take to start your own business? The best way to learn about entrepreneurship is to actually try to start a company and go through the processes. Whether you have a business idea or not, apply now to join a team in our TAJCCNC Incubator and have the opportunity to gain knowledge to help you bring your idea into a plan!

How do I apply?

Apply by January 6 2020. Application: https://forms.gle/MzUi71MC62H9UNMH8

What is our goal?

To provide a more collaborative community for TAJCCNC members to formulate and experiment with their business ideas and to learn about the processes of starting a business. Thus, TAJCCNC will not take any equity and it is free for members to form or join a team since we are simply following the upcoming free online YC Startup School curriculum in January 2020.

What is TAJCCNC providing?

As a professional association, we have connections to different industries. We can help reach out to certain experts in a field you may have questions on during the YC Startup School program. Additionally, we can connect you with fellow Taiwanese professionals who are either currently running their own startups or are interested in entrepreneurship. Many times people have startup ideas but do not take the initiative or the idea is too complex for an individual to execute. This is the reason why TAJCCNC wants to bring people together to foster such a community and mindset.

What are the benefits?

Startups may opt-in for in-person lectures at the Y Combinator in SF, to have the opportunity to meet with the startup experts from YC and fellow startup founders. You also get free credits for some platforms/software (e.g. AWS Credit, etc.). Lastly, having startup experience makes you think more broadly about corporate issues.

What is the time commitment?

Apart from the weekly lecture videos and group discussions hosted by YC Startup School (about 5 hours), it is entirely up to you as it is your own business idea. Many startups on the Startup School programs are doing it on a part time basis. Currently, TAJCCNC is considering doing an additional weekly Office Hour to make sure the teams are making progress.

Taiwanese American Junior Chamber of Commerce-Northern California


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