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TAJCCNC Mentorship Program Pilot

TAJCCNC Mentorship Program is established to facilitate a network across multiple generations for fostering professional growth and social opportunity. This program strives to provide a platform for both mentors and mentees to develop a memorable personal brand while cultivating a priceless and enduring relationship. The pilot program duration is scheduled from February 2018 to May 2018 and will require mentors and mentees to attend three events hosted by TAJCCNC and meet individually several times, with continuous open channels of communication (phone and email).

How are mentors and mentees paired up?

The program coordinators will match each mentor and mentee according to industry, background, and/or interests based on a thorough analysis of survey answers and interviews.

Am I qualified to be a mentee?

Professionals from all walks of life, with at least a bachelor degree, are encouraged to apply. In addition to having passion to learn about their industry, the ideal mentee should, most importantly, possess a genuine desire and enthusiasm to build a relationship with a mentor to continue to grow professionally.

Entrepreneurship: Launching or growing your own business, being self-employed

Business: Functional corporate segments such as Human Resources, Information Systems, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and etc.

Engineering: Software, Mechanical, Computer, Electrical, Civil and etc.

Suitable participants will possess the following attributes:

  • Open-minded, inquisitive
  • Interest in learning and growth
  • Self-reflective
  • Friendly
  • Goal-oriented
  • Open to feedback, malleable
  • Willing to communicate and listen

If paired with a mentor, mentees must purchase or have active TAJCCNC membership ($30/year).

How do I apply to become a mentee?

Complete and submit the mentee application found on the TAJCCNC website by February 1, 2018.

What must I commit to as a mentee?

  • Open line of communication with mentor
  • 15-20 minutes phone interview with TAJCCNC, if needed (for pairing purposes)
  • Attend two events hosted by TAJCCNC (February 2018, Beginning of May 2018)
  • Highly encouraged to connect with mentor at least once a week, either in-person or by phone/messaging
  • Minimum of 5 hours of in-person meetings before end of pilot
  • Complete a feedback survey for TAJCCNC at the end of pilot

*If you have any questions, please feel free to email Vivian Thai at viviant@tajccnc.org*

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