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About us

The purposes of Taiwanese American Junior Chamber of Commerce - Northern California (TAJCCNC) are to promote entrepreneurship, career goals, mutual contacts, friendship, exchange of information and ideas among TAJCCNC members, as well as assisting each other in the development of their enterprises. We would like to invite you to join our organization and to our future events, including social mixers, keynote speakers on various topics, job opportunities, banquets, and many more. 

We are part of Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce North America (TJCCNA), with direct guidance and support from Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce Northern California (TACCNC), Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce North America (TCCNA), and World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (WTCC).

What this means is, we are not just another local Young Professional Social Group, we are connected to 32 local chambers that are in coalition with more than 3,500 business members in North America. In addition, we also have an extended network across 58 countries, in 162 regions, with over 30,000 members worldwide. 

青商會共有24個分會遍布全北美洲,包括加拿大、芝加哥、紐約、德州到佛羅里達…等, 而TAJCCNC則是北加州分會。每個分會都是由早期移民, 深耕美國事業有成的長輩們辛苦創立各個地區工商會後,培育並扶持出的青商會分會。青商會(40歲以下)這樣的組織架構能讓更多年輕人得以繼續傳承這樣強大的社交經貿平台。

北加州台灣青商會各個年輕有為,見識廣,建設深。除了北美洲, 商會體系更遍及
全世界六大洲, 南美洲、歐洲、大洋洲、非洲、亞洲, 在世界各地建立平台,經驗分享,推廣台灣。成為更有國際觀,學習貿易經商,強化人脈網絡至創業,參加台灣青商會絕對是捷徑! 我們全憑著一股服務的熱忱,不支薪地計畫活動,讓您豎起大拇指,為台灣人而驕傲! 我們歡迎各種族參加商會,與全世界交流。 只要您知道台灣在哪裡,有台灣的朋友,北加州台灣青商會都歡迎您的加入!

TAJCCNC, Taiwanese American Junior Chamber of Commerce Northern California
​Website: www.Tajccnc.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/tajccnc

Disclaimer: ​TAJCCNC does not solicit business or otherwise sell or promote commercial products or services. Any commercial or business activities conducted in our events are solely between or among the participants. TAJCC-NC will not be held responsible, to any degree, for any business, commercial, or monetary losses incurred as a result of contracts formed during our events.


2004 -  TAJCCNC was established by Ms. Sophie Lin

Apr. 2014 -  TAJCCNC 10th Term and the 1st Yearbook Published

Oct. 2014 -  TAJCCNC Facebook group page reached 2.5K followers

Nov. 26 2014 -  TAJCCNC.ORG Brand New Website Launched!

Taiwanese American Junior Chamber of Commerce-Northern California


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