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Samantha (Sammy) Kong


Sammy joined TAJCCNC back in 2017 and has been both the Secretary-General and Treasurer for the chapter.  As the 19th term TAJCCNC President, Sammy strives to make TAJCCNC a strong platform that consists of young Taiwanese professionals and entrepreneurs that can connect all professionals and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and ethnicities.  To do so, Sammy will work with her team to provide the resources and opportunities for building ideas into businesses, developing professional, personal and leadership skills, and building long lasting and meaningful connections. 

Sammy graduated from the University of the Pacific, where she studied Economics and International Affairs and Commerce.  After joining TAJCCNC, she had found her passion in actively making an impact in our community and building the connection between the Taiwanese and local community.


Cooper Lo


Cooper joined this community of TAJCCNC as a member in April in 2018. The motivation of participating is to improve the skill of presentation and build related professional skills. The first professional event he got involved with is the “Thirty Seconds Pitch” which interested him a lot.  His goal is to continue sharing and learning how to improve communication by building professional connections.

As for personal background, He started first job in the computer engineering industry as a Hardware engineer at Supermicro in 2017. In 2021,  joined American Portwell as an Electrical design engineer to deliver the first motherboard design in the networking appliance product line. In 2022, moving forward to the semiconductor industry, joined Applied Material in Santa Clara as electrical engineer as of now. In terms of career pathway, his goal is to get more ideas with different applications of board design and turn him into a product architect manager in this field.

Eric Huang


Eric started to get involved with TAJCCNC back in Feb in 2023. Because of the connection between previous 2018 TAJCCNC president Dr. Alan Wu. Seeing this as a huge opportunity to build strong connections between young Taiwanese entrepreneurs and professionals, Eric decided to dedicate himself to this group. As a healthcare professional “Chiropractor” in the Bay area, Eric is enthusiastic about taking care of people with genuine and prestigious passion. Just like providing the same quality of his manpower to this group. Eric believed that one plus one is always more than two, building meaningful connections are more powerful than one soldier. 

Eric is a doctor of Chiropractic graduated from America well-known Palmer college of chiropractic west. He had a unique background of Physical therapy and sports medicine back in Taiwan. Before and after joining TAJCCNC, his goal is always wanting to be an entrepreneur. 

Erik Yu

Board Member

Erik joined TAJCCNC in 2021, first year as a member and the second year as a Vice Secretary-General. Initially the motivation to join the organization was simply for networking and making new connections. Other than just networking, I’ve learned that there are opportunities to bridge the cultural gap from Taiwanese with different upbringings which is always fun and interesting. 

Erik is currently working as Revenue Operations Manager at a series C Fintech startup. And would be interested to share or chat about his previous experience in Business Development, Account Management, Project Management, and Sales Operations. 

Jerry Hsieh

Board Member

Jerry joined TAJCCNC in 2018 upon arriving in the United States for his educational journey. With a strong foundation in computer science, software engineering (specializing in data science), and business innovation and entrepreneurship, Jerry has proven himself as a versatile and accomplished individual.

After completing his graduate studies, Jerry embarked on a successful career as a data analyst in the competitive e-commerce industry. His ability to extract meaningful insights from complex data sets propelled him forward, and he quickly ascended to the role of Business Operations Director at the Indonesian branch of the same company. In this leadership position, he demonstrated remarkable strategic acumen and operational excellence.

Jerry's relentless pursuit of knowledge and new challenges extends beyond the professional realm. Currently, he is passionately working towards his Private Pilot License, showcasing his determination to conquer new horizons both in the skies and in his career.

Sean King Sean Wu

Marketing Branding Board Member

Sean, our newest board member, is a proactive and enthusiastic addition to the team. He joined in the Summer of 2023 and has been responsible for the marketing, socials, and events for TAJCCNC. He is currently the Marketing Director and is in charge of maintaining TAJCCNC's brand image in addition to creating promotional content. Sean's goal in TAJCCNC is to garner more members, host successful marketing campaigns, and create content with the help of the rest of the team.

Sean is currently a graduating senior at San Jose State University, studying Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. With the skills he learned in University, he hopes to be able to provide value in Marketing for TAJCCNC in order to create an impact in both the organization and the community it serves. He also hopes to network and learn from everyone he meets.

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